The Rev John Evans 1803

Letters written during a tour through south Wales

Page 1 : Introduction

An early travel-writer viewing the Great West Door at Strata Florida Abbey

John Evans was one of the early  tourists to visit and write about Wales. He was born in Lydney, Gloucestershire and was a graduate of Jesus College, Oxford. His name suggests a Welsh connection, and he certainly showed a keen interest in Wales. He was the author of A Tour through Part of North Wales (1800) and Letters written during a Tour through South Wales (1804) ; he also contributed to The Beauties of England and Wales, a book compiled by E. W. Brayley and J. Britton.  Alas, his contribution to the latter was cut short by his untimely death (at his London home) in 1812 at the age of 44. His letters about north Cardiganshire are particularly interesting and are the subjcct of the following four pages.

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